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  • Years of experience with microclimate solutions in business facilities encouraged us to create another convenient tool. We are proud to launch a new project - dedicated to exceptional microclimate improvement solutions in business facilities. The new RUBISOLIS BUSINESS website will make it easier for business customers to find such information as structured information about recommended microclimate solutions, a wide selection of equipment as well as examples of implemented projects. 

    Are you looking for a solution how to create a good microclimate in industrial facilities? You are interested in space heating, ventilation, cooling or simply improving the air condition? We guarantee that our experience and innovative and eco-friendly equipment will allow offering you the best solution according to an individual case! For microclimate solutions in business facilities, please contact the following contacts below. Examples of implemented projects can be found here - heating, cooling, ventilation, humidification and air dehumidification solutions in one place. Visit us! 

    Arnas Lubys
    Business solutions 
    Adress: Partizanų g. 75K, Kaunas
    Phone: +370 657 71 197