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  • The long-term experience of UAB “Rubisolis” in home microclimate improvement solutions constantly encourages us to change, grow and improve. We spend a lot of time and effort that the latest, green and innovative air improvement solutions would reach our customers. Taking care of the health of our customers, we are constantly looking for solutions that would ensure your excellent well-being in every possible way! 


    Difficulty in breathing, disturbed sleep, drying eyes, nose and mucous membranes - these and many other problems are the consequences of dry air at home. The excessively dry climate at home encourages us to find a solution, so we present one of the projects of UAB “Rubisolis” - an innovative and smart central humidification system for home HUMIDSPOT. It is a central humidification system for houses, bureaus and offices that is gaining popularity in Lithuania, which humidifies indoor air with an adiabatic canal air humidifier through recuperative ventilation ducts. The system itself is automated and ensures easy control without any daily maintenance.  

    With the introduction of a large number of HUMIDSPOT systems throughout Lithuania, the results are really delightful. The intelligent, WIFI-controlled central humidification system HUMIDSPOT has facilitated not only the household when the built-in humidifiers need to "work" by constantly maintaining them and replenishing them with water. However, within a couple of days, it was possible to feel the desired result. After installing the HUMIDSPOT system, indoor air humidity was raised to 50 % from the extremely low limit of 20-30 %. After reaching a 50 % humidity level, customers immediately feel the improved microclimate of the home: dry skin, mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat are no longer bothersome, and the quality of sleep has improved much.  

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    Enjoy a good microclimate in your home! Feelspot is one of the projects developed by UAB “Rubisolis”, contributing to the development of a better microclimate in your home. The product line of the Feelspot brand consists of microclimate improvement devices such as thermostats, smart plugs, etc. You can find the products HERE




    The brand Coolspot was created exclusively for UAB “Rubisolis” business customers. Functional industrial air coolers Coolspot are designed for indoor air quality improvement. Modern equipment can be used for public and commercial objects, workshops, manufacturing companies, warehouses, as well as private and public spaces. The technique distinguished by high-efficiency indicators does not require a large amount of energy and complex installation work. Industrial coolers are made of high-quality materials using modern manufacturing technologies. Read more about the Coolspot coolers here



    We are proud and we would like to introduce you to our project – the cool Herupa Smart Mesh inhalers! How special is this device? Herupa inhaler is a unique, quietly operating and compact device designed for preventive use, and treatment of colds and respiratory diseases. The inhaler works on an extremely healthy and natural principle, as substances such as mineral water, salt solution or special medications prescribed by a doctor are used during inhalation. These substances are converted into small droplets, which become suitable for inhalation. 

    The pride of the Herupa brand is the smart inhaler Herupa Smart Mesh Plus, which has no equals in Lithuania! The smart Herupa inhaler works together with a special app on your phone - it encourages the user to breathe and exhale correctly with the help of a fun game. 

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